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❝ Life never fails to amaze me and

I wish to share with others that which transforms and heals me.❞

Mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, public speaker author and life coach, I work in holistic and therapeutic health, guiding others toward self discovery and self acceptance. 


My work is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), envisioned by Jon Kabat Zinn, this approach encourages us to be in the present moment while observing in a state of non-judgement what happens within us: thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations. This path offers practical tools to guide us toward physical well-being, openess of the heart and stillness of the mind. 



I have the privilege of teaching Mindfulness workshops in the fields of education, health and corporation. 


- Qualified teacher in Mindfulness Based Stress      
   Reduction at the Center For Mindfulness in Medicine,  
   Health Care and Society (CFM) at the Faculty of    
   Medecin at the University of Massachusetts, US.

- Training/Seminars with Jon Kabat Zinn and his team

- Diploma in Psychology

- Initiated to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

- Certified yoga teacher (RYT) 

- Former addiction therapist


Everyday I witness that the simple practice of Mindfulness has the potential to change lives.

 ❝ My work concerns our development

as human beings, and our unlimited capacities. . ❞

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❝ Breathe to slow down the mind ❞

Stress management has become necessary to the mental and physical health of individuals and societies. 



The meditations explore the basic techniques in Mindfulness aiming to better your physical and psychological well-being:


- comfortably approach meditation

- observe your mental and emotional flow

- reunite with your breath to settle within yourself

- shed light on your patterns and conditionings 

- be aware of the impact and effects of your thoughts



You will learn to observe your behaviours, your reactions and your expectations, while remaining creative, spontaneous and happy through the tensions of quotidian life. Through breathing and meditation peace reveals itself and opens the door to courage and healing. 


Meditation is an inspiration to undertake essential changes for a serene life.



❝ Mindfulness meditation softly guides us toward our infinite and limitless ressources ❞

Guided Meditation on demand
groups, corporations, individuals

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❝ Breathe to slow down your thoughts, meditate to settle in your flawless existence.  ❞

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❝ More than a moment of contemplation, meditation is a way of life. ❞

In a society of over-productivity, we become estranged from ourselves and we get lost. This program speaks to those who feel imprisoned by their incessant thoughts and emotions.


The 8-week program on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction was created  by Jon Kabat Zinn, for all patients suffering from chronic pain, stress and anxiety. 


Many scientific studies have proven impressive effects of meditation on the body and the brain, such as neuroplasticity, greater concentration and memory, greater well-being, reduction of anxiety and insomnia, improved mood swings, lesser depression and physical pain. 



The program consist of seating meditation, mindful walking, yoga and body scans as well as interactive exchange and exercises on the following themes:


- formal and informal meditation practices

- mindfulness in everyday life

- reactions in stressful situations

- conditioned mechanisms

- interpersonal communication

- behavioral patterns

- nutrition

- expectations


The program takes place over weekly courses and       includes a single-day silent retreat. An exercise         workbook as well as guided audio meditations are handed to each participant as support for quotidian practice.  * Receipts for insurance claims






8 weeks, 

2h/week + one silent day retreat 



8 weeks



Watch Jon Kabat Zinn

Retraite EN


❝ A retreat is an opportunity to pause and gather

in the only true moment that is our own... the present. ❞

It is necessary to withdraw from time to time in order to recharge and reconnect with that which we have forgotten to be... ourselves.


A benevolent approach allowing to settle in exploring the tools that Mindfulness offers throught guided meditations, mindful walking, body scans and gentle yoga class in respect of one's physical capacities and needs. Lunch is shared silently, followed by a thematic recess. 


When it becomes necessary to settle in a calm and regenerative experience the retreat is the occasion to release mental and emotional stress. A calm and silent getaway.  * Receipts for insurance claims


The retreats take place either in natural surroundings or in corporate environments and can be silent or interactive. 
A minimum of 10 people is required 



Single-day package


Val Morin Convent  
3 au 5 mars 2023



consultation EN

❝ When everything becomes dark,
     light will show the path. ❞


The approach I use is imbued with cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy based on Mindfulness. This practice is concerned with being aware of one's thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as they appear, and to develop the ability to welcome them without rejecting or identifying with them, in order to reach a full acceptance of the Self in every moment. 


Whether you are walking the path of personal development or looking for tools to cope with stress, interpersonal problems, burnout, or a lack of self-esteem, this approch will guide you to a profound and loving acceptance of who you are today.

* Receipts for insurance claims



   Skype consultations are available 




60 min/130$

90 min/180$

Compassion is what is left after having said it all and cried it all ❞


❝ More than a lecture, an experience. ❞

Through travels, retreats and exceptional encounters, I have seen a glimmer of vulnerability and love in all men and women. The lectures are based on ancient philosophies that teach the road to a happy heart, a free soul and a mind at peace. All themes invite to action and introspection. 


Return to a state of plenitude

Learn to find plenitude in the small moments of life, in the subtle beatings of your heart.

The stress that the task of living inflicts upon us is source of personal and collective destruction, when our natural state is one of abundance, love and compassion. 


❝ The present moment is perfect when it is spent in reverence and acceptance, free of fear. ❞
Habits, a strong but subtle vice

The hardest step to take is the one that separates the known from the unknown. 

We become attached to our stressful lives, our pursuit of money, success, passion and pleasure. What if it was possible to slow down in remaing efficient...


We shape the life we wish to live 

Our unconscious behaviours shape every aspect of our lives. 

Science has proven that thoughts have the power to change experience. To stay awake and aware in our actions and our words opens our lives to infinite possibilities 


The laws of love 

The experience of love is shared in the ultimate freedom 

It is through friendship, complicity and sexuality that illusions and expectations can come undone. A lecture for couples hoping to grow.  








Lectures last approximately 2 hours.

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❝ Man turns to others seeking to find the light that is hidden within himself. ❞


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